Is the internet becoming less worldly?

In a report recently published by the UN, they have announced a backlash from many countries that do not use English lettering or .com from ICANN. ICANN is the body set up under the Clinton administration to create a commercial type environment on the internet.

INTRENIC was the first organization to offer domains names using .com. They feel offended and left out by this overbearing US controlled internet. The UN has tried to mediate the issue but it seems that countries like China and the Middle East may start their own ICANN type of organizations.

If this does occur, it would cause the internet to become fragmented and no longer be one worldwide internet. I do not believe this will affect most Americans but for someone who does international transactions and advertising, it will cause many problems with internet communications.

I expect to read more about this in the coming months. It seems the UN does not want to take the lead with this issue. Once again, it looks like the US and many European countries must try and address this issue. So stay tuned, much more to come.

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