Web Design


The emphasis of the company when it comes to web design is very simple; clear and easy to understand web sites with speed of uploading (an important factor). NetCetra believes that designing web sites is more than just offering information. It must be done so that the viewer can easily move throughout the site without getting confused or lost. "Most of the time, the viewer is somewhat of a novice," mentioned Jim Mahlmann, the creative director. "You have to design every site with the idea that it should be easy to find the information you want the first time you enter the site. Many web sites are designed to give a lot of good information but if you can't reach it, what's the point?" We have extensive CSS knowledge from basic design to animations created with CSS. As well as experience with modern slideshows used today on sites. (CSS stands for Cascading Style Sheets, and it's used to add style to a web page by dictating how a site is displayed on a browser.)

Because of the company's background in marketing and A/V production , they can offer a balance between information and technology so the message reaches the prospective client. This means that they do offer audio and video streaming to their clients. Cyberspace is a totally different media than conventional forms of advertising and NetCetra understands this and keeps this point of view in all it's design work.

The company also keeps their client's web sites at the highest level of programing technology possible. They are constantly upgrading their clients sites at no additional charge when a better or faster method becomes available. They believe the benefit is two fold, the client with updated plug ins and programming  and NetCetra with presenting their clients site as well as possible.

Our Work

Beautiful design, beautiful code. We pride ourselves on creating not only appealing websites, but also creating clean and effective code. We offer built from the ground up sites using HTML, CSS, and other coding languages depending on what is needed for the project. We build our own templates, allowing site updates to be quick and easy, as well as keeping the design of the site consistent.

In addition to custom made sites, we also create sites using the WordPress platform. The platform allows clients an easy way to update their site's content and allows them to utilize easy plug ins for Marketing and other services.

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