What Clients are Saying

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"Jim and NetCetra have been handling the internet marketing, web design and hosting for our company for 18 years. In that time, we have grown from a regional manufacturer of BBQ Smoker Cookers to and international client based firm. 90% of our advertising and marketing is through NetCetra. I could not be more satisfied with their services."

Brian Sapolsky SHEM SHEM

"I’ve been a client of NetCetra’s for roughly 15 years now. Working with Jim Mahlmann and his team has never been less than fantastic. When problems and issues regarding my NetCetra-hosted websites arise, matters with my emails happen, or I have web-related questions, Jim and his team are always there to resolve and answer as quickly, efficiently, and easy to understand as possible."

Happy to work with NetCetra

"I have been a Client of NetCetra since 2017 and I have to say I am so happy that I decided to work with them.

Their service and help developing my website has been nothing but a positive experience from service and cost.

The staff is responsive and helpful in every aspect from design, function, and performance.

Marketing they really pay attention to your needs and budget to get the best performance and customers to find your site. The biggest thing is marketing to get a return on your investment and they really come through on this aspect of the business.

I would not hesitate to becoming a partner with the NetCetra Team."

Joe Kleczynski

NetCerta Takes Care of Everything!

"If you are looking for a professional, friendly, expert web design and maintenance company choose NetCetra LLC. Do not hesitate! When you work with NetCetra you are on their server without having to go through any other third party outside vendors. If there are any web issues NetCetra takes care of EVERYTHING promptly. In addition they will keep your website programming updated so it is always compatible with the ever expanding internet and Google requirements.

NetCetra has an excellent graphic design department with highly qualified staff that can make your website beautiful, appealing, interesting, and easy to navigate through. In addition, billing is simplified and easy. When work is performed on your site you get billed promptly. Once paid, you will receive a bill paid notice for your records.

NetCetra created and designed my website over 20 years ago. It’s presence on the web has increased the volume of my business dramatically. In addition, I receive compliments on the appearance and content frequently and I give NetCetra all the credit for the design of my site. I provided the copy, pictures etc. and let Netcetra do the rest! normrobertspianoservice.com, Please feel free to check it out as affine example of the high-quality work they do!"

Norm Roberts