Video Optimization


Internet Marketing

Videos are the hottest trend in the Search Engine Optimization industry at the moment. The most obvious reason is that the technology available on computers, tablets and phone makes it incredibly easy to watch videos on almost any topic. However the search features on videos sites such as YouTube and Vimeo offer additional opportunities to "be found" - the key objective of all SEO campaigns.

Using Videos to Market Online

As we are inundated with information on the Internet, videos provide both an audio and visual alternative for searchers. Some companies create series of videos whereas some just create a few welcoming or introduction videos. Tutorials and how-to videos are extremely popular and are often re-watched. Testimonial videos are a great low budget solution and often can be recorded on a smart phone and uploaded to the Internet with no additional formatting needed.

Video Optimization Services

We don't create the videos, we optimize them so they work better for your business. Send us your videos or your video channel and we can provide you with some or all of these video optimization services

  • Set-up and branding a business video sharing account(s)
  • Editing videos to include logos and final calls to action
  • Uploading videos
  • Optimizing videos, keywords or creating transcripts to improve search opportunities
  • Embedding videos on website, social media channels or add to eNewsletters.


Since Google is the owner of YouTube and a majority of your searchers are probably coming from Google, adding your business to a branded YouTube channel is a no brainer.

Your YouTube channel is mobile device ready and has lots of opportunities for branding and cross linking your other web media.

If you've created a series or have multiple categories of videos we can help create playlists.


If prefer Vimeo, the features to create a channel, load your videos and optimize them are similar to YouTube. Let us know your preference and well create a video campaign for your business.