Link Building Campaigns


Link building campaigns are one of the most misunderstood and misused aspects of SEO. Most people believe that the more links to your website, the better. However quality is much more important that quantity in terms of link building. If handled incorrectly you could endanger the visibility of your website by being blacklisted by the search engines.

Link Building... What Not To Do

The number one way to get banned by Google is to participate in anything that offers quick link building - this is referred to as a link building scheme. Usually you will know you are being offered a link building scheme if it sounds to good to be true.

Healthy Link Building Campaigns

For a healthy link building campaign you need a strategy to develop the three different types of links, relevant links plus newsworthy press releases.

Most people have one type of link on their minds, links from other websites to your website. This is called an "inbound link". There are actually three types of links can help your website visibility if incorporated correctly:

  1. Internal links - links to other pages within your website
  2. Outbound links - links to other relevant websites
  3. Inbound links - links from relevant websites to your website

Link building is NOT spam if it the links are relevant. We can work together with you to develop valuable, relevant links.

"Relevant links" is a term that has been repeatedly used on this web page. Talk to us and we'll explore what type of links might be relevant to your business.

One of the best links to your website is an online press release. If the press release is optimized and distributed via a PR distribution company then the link to your website will alert the search engines that here is a business doing business on the Internet. Find out more about online press releases.

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