Web hosting with NetCetra means that your site is residing on one of the most modern, rapid and scalable servers available today.  Our servers are all co-located in Walla Walla, Washington. They are tied to 2 separate 1Gbps fiber connections. The primary connection is on a fiber ring. NetCetra provides 24/7 support through our support portal. We also offer virtual private servers with control panels that are scalable to any requirements. NetCetra has several different types of mail servers ranging from community type servers for single websites to scalable email servers setup for one business that can be synced to smart phones for mail, contacts and calendar.

We also offer the following benefits for anyone hosting their site with us:

  • Secure and regular hosting
  • All site maintenance provided by our professional staff
  • Internet Marketing Programming
  • Statistics and demographic reports
  • E-Commerce using standard (Woo Commerce/WP Easycart) and custom shopping carts like X-Cart (which is it's own platform.)

NetCetra also offers virtual and dedicated servers to our clients.

Data Center Details


APC - Legendary Reliability APC Battery Backups
Server Racks at our data center are isolated into sections. Each section has a dedicated APC Battery Backup Unit which serves as a power "cleaner" for that section of rack space. Problems with power spikes, brown-outs, or loss of power are not a concern.

Cummins Onan - Powerful Change Natural Gas Generator
Unlike diesel generators, Natural Gas generators burn cleanly, producing an environmentally friendly source of generating backup power whenever city power goes down. Our generators are tested weekly to ensure that backup power will be ready and available whenever we need it.

The Network

Cisco Systems - Empowering the Internet Generation Cisco Core Routers
Redundant power supplies, redundant processor cores, and redundant memory; our enterprise line of Cisco routers are packed with redundancy to ensure that if there is ever a problem, network traffic will continue to flow unhindered. Multiple Backbone Connections

The network is powered by multiple connections with no less than DS3-capable speeds to the following providers:

  • Spectrum Networks
  • PocketINet

Cooling System

The data center is cooled by Trane brand air conditioners. In addition to keeping our data center the ideal temperature for servers, our air conditioners also come equipped with economizers. Economizers take advantage of chilly weather conditions by using the cold outside air as a supplement to conditioned air. This lowers the amount of energy required to power our air conditioners, and lowers our Carbon Footprint. This helps keep costs low and is much better for the environment.


Wind-Generated Power
The Data Center is located in the relatively small city of Walla Walla, in Washington State. The city of Walla Walla sits right at the base of the Blue Mountain range, and is ideal because of it's low risk for natural disasters. Walla Walla is not subject to hurricanes, tornadoes, wildfires, volcanoes, or similar natural occurrences that could jeopardize the safety of your data.

The Data Center works with local power authorities, paying extra for it's power in order to participate in green-energy initiatives, such as wind-generated power programs. One of these programs is the Blue Sky program available through the Pacific Power Company.  Electricity is also generated by the Columbia River hydroelectric system. Be assured that your business with Viviotech is environmentally friendly.