Social Media Optimization (SMO)

Social media has become a large part of SEO campaigns because it is a powerful way to communicate with clients and prospects aka. fans/followers. As businesses create social media "business pages" people will only like or follow pages that they are interested in. Some people treat it like a glorified bookmark, whereas others actively read and follow information sent. The goal is to identify the market that you'd like to target, develop content that would interest / attract them, engage with them and remain on their radar.

Social Media Optimization Services

  • Social Media Strategy for followers and content creation
  • Creation of social media accounts (Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Google+, Pinterest…)
  • Social Media Branding on company profiles and cover graphics
  • Creating content
  • Mentoring and assistance with posts
  • Monitoring your accounts

Developing Social Media List/Content

Netcetra helps businesses develop their social media campaign. Sometimes we start with a single social media company, and other times we delve into 4-5 social media markets. In both cases it is imperative to create a strategy for developing your "list" and content.

It is important to spend as much time developing your "list" as creating content. The two go hand and hand. Sometimes you'll see sites with lots of content but hardly any followers. Quite often businesses will post the same things on all social media sites. Cross promoting is useful to a degree but it can be much more effective if you attempt to evaluate the type of followers you have on each social media and to offer information of interest to them. In a nut shell you need to identify opportunities for your target markets.

Engaging Your Market on the Internet

Engaging with your public can be time consuming but worth while. Social media engagement can mean providing interactive apps, responding to comments or utilizing it as a customer service solution. Where your website is a glorified sign, brochure, online store, or yellow pages - your social media campaigns will be much more effective if there is two-way communication.

What Does "Optimization" of Social Media Mean?

The "optimization" aspect of SMO focuses on analyzing the social media traffic to see if it is generating leads, improving your website visibility, or providing a means of communicating with your public. Quite often your social media team is so busy creating content and engaging that they can not see the forest for the trees - this is when the SEO team can help evaluate and make recommendations.

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