Google Ads (Adwords) Are Changing

Google Adwords started as text ads in 2000. They were always effective but never really easy to set up. They have actually gotten more complex to set up as Google continues to modify how they are viewed. The trick with Google Ads is knowing how to set them up to be most effective for “best bang for your buck”. Not everyone can afford to spend thousands of dollars every month. Businesses that want visibility in the local and national Google search market like and use this program to get noticed.

One of the issues that have developed over the years is the number of ads that appear on the final search page. Google use to have 3 or 4 ads at the top of the page. Now, if a topic is extremely competitive, you will find ads on the top, bottom and sides. Businesses that offer a product must also compete with Google “product display” ads with images at the top of the page.

Google is now pushing video ads. There are several types. All ads originate through a company You Tube channel. The most popular video ad and the most cost effective is the “instream ad”. It literally costs pennies on the dollar compared to other types of Google ads and can get plenty of exposure when set up correctly. This is not to say that I would replace the conventional ad campaign with Google but it is a supplement worth testing.

Jim Mahlmann

Managing Partner with NetCetra LLCJim has been handling Google Ads for over15 years. He is a certified Google Ads partner

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