National Cyber Security Awareness Month

Based on our support logs from clients regarding their email and web site access support requests, every month should be Nation Cyber Security Awareness Month. Some folks still don’t understand that you cannot use simple passwords anymore. Most good programs will not allow you to do that. They are now asking you to include upper case as well as lower case letters, numbers and symbols.

Here are some quick tips:

  • Use a password generator – There are very good free programs that will add good passwords and store them for you
  • Change your password regularly – Many programs are now requiring this. Another good reason to getting a password program.
  • Do not Keep Using the same few passwords
  • Do not write passwords down in a file
  • Do not let browsers keep your passwords – This is a very easy hack for experienced tech people
  • Be very careful with secret questions – Do not pick easy questions then you are asking for trouble.
  • Do not use public terminals – a major mistake this where spying is always happening
  • Always shut your browsers when left idle. Shut down your PC when not active.

This may seem like an inconvenience but avoiding that first major hack is pretty important and can be very costly.

Jim Mahlmann

NetCetra LLC

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