Mobilized Web Sites

Now that over 50% of all web site views are done from smart phones. Tablets in the US are at around 10% and outside the US; tablets are around 50 – 60%. Businesses are beginning to learn this information and are having their site “mobilized”.

Businesses should remember that there are two types of mobile sites, mobile sites and responsive sites.

The first type is a mobile site (.mobi) that is separate from the desk top version. That means it needs additional content and must be modified separately from the main site. So it takes twice the time to update.

The second type is called a “responsive mobile web site”. This takes the original web site and changes the programming to make it respond to the size of the screen and set up appropriately. This, of course, means that you have only one web site and changes are done once. It also presents the content better and does not require going to the full web site to get content. Some think this is very impracticable when you are viewing on a smart phone. It defeats the purpose.

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