Is Your Website Current?

If you don’t update you aren’t current
Updating is critical in creating a current and complete website. Introducing a new product? Win an award? Been on TV? Have newsworthy announcements? Change of personnel? Create a new department? We need to know.

Stagnant website
A stagnant website also known as a brochure website can be detected by the search engines instantaneously. If a website hasn’t be updated in ages, it’s difficult for the search engines to determine if your business is active or out-of-business.

Website visitors will get the impression that the business is dated and possibly inactive. In today’s instant information and gratification world that is the last thing you want  your website to portray.

It used to be that a website that was well designed and had the right phone numbers and product information was the standard. It isn’t any more. If you aren’t on social media you are behind. If your site doesn’t provide really good video, you are behind, etc. If your business wants to be first rate, start funneling information to your web manager and watch your site, the place where your business sells what you have to offer, come alive.

Author: Cathy Derechailo, SEO Copy Writer

Posted in Design, Search Engine Optimization.