Ready or Not Here Comes Windows 10

I have been getting mixed reviews regarding Windows 10. I installed it or upgraded my Windows 7 pro to the new OS on my laptop and had no issues. I then did the same procedure on my home PC which had Quicken, Quickbooks and a couple design programs by Adobe. Once again, I had no issue.

I have been told that tablets are having some problems.

The one issue I did have with the upgrade install on my home PC was the amount of time it took to install it and I actually had to restart it to get to the final working mode. I just saw the symbol continue to spin around until I did the restart. For some reason it was stuck in that mode. Worked fine after the restart.

It has worked great since then. Starts and shuts down much quicker. Maybe starting to catch up to Apple.

So overall I would say it is a worth while choice for the standard PC.

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