COVID-19: And the Importance of Your Web Site

COVID-19: And the Importance of Your Web Site

NetCetra’s clients own their websites, either personally or through their businesses. This fact is extremely important now with the shutdown of many institutions and the “work from home” policies that are spreading as the virus does. This makes your web site much more important to your customers and prospective customers. Make sure that any alerts, messages and instructions are plainly situated on the home page. Be sure that your hours of operation, phone number, address and directions are accurate. This holds true for both your web site and Google My Business.

E Commerce is going to increase as people stay at home more. So be sure everything is accurate in your cart. Make sure your shipping options are accurate. Be ready for an increase in phone questions as well as your contact us form. Make sure it is working correctly. A lot of forms are constantly upgrading their programming to ensure that they are secure. Sometimes it can cause the contact form to work incorrectly, check it.

Netcetra has made contingency plans for the office and data center. There will not be any interruption in these services.

Some clients may be allowing their employees to work from home. Check to see if you can have access to your email from your vendor’s email server. This will eliminate the need to have your employee set up a mail program on their home computer. NetCetra offers this to all their clients that use us for their email. Just put: mail.yourdomain in any browser. Once you do this, you will see: a Zimbra box. Add your full email address and password. This will allow you to work from our mail server. When you go back to the office you can download all your email.

Please feel free to contact us with any questions.

Jim Mahlmann

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